Glass Protection

When it comes to Glass Protection, PGR has choosen an outstanding system from the United States called Vandal Shield!  Working closely with this Glass Film Protection company a system has been developed to simply grind any damaged glass then apply Vandal Shield to protect the glass, as well as to bring the  shine and transparency back to the glass.
It sounds like magic, well it sure is…



Vandal Shield® is an optically clear, distortion-free sacrificial coating, which when applied to glass, provides a significant resistance to etching and scratching of the underlying surface.

Its construction consists of a multi-layered, 6-mil laminate of polyester film.
If vandalized, the film can be peeled back and removed to eliminate the unsightly look of etched-in graffiti. A new piece of film can simply be reapplied for continued protection.

The 6-mil patented safety film product utilizes multi-layers of plastic films laminated together and a special mounting adhesive.

This laminated structure absorbs significantly more impact through a principle of sequential impact absorption dilution. This principle produces a superior improvement of glass shard retention if the glass should break.