Glass Repairs

We bring the glass in your windows back to their original shine and transparency, also increase the technical life cycle of your window up to 100%


Glass is produced today for many different purposes and therefore falls into different manufacturing categories. Today there is around 24 varied types of glass, a few of the normal types are; Float Glass. Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, as well as different types of toughened Glass.

Window cleaners or often or not the first to see or discover any damage to glass and with they inform their customer or building owner, there is were the knowledge of glass repair becomes a little cloudy. In general most people do not understand or know it is possible to repair damaged glass. Their first port of call is their local glazier who will generally recommend replacement.

Premier Glass Renovation can in principal repair all surface damage to glass with our latest technology we are able to remove scratches, acid burns, even damage caused by mineral deposits.